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The new floor of the Foynes Museum is now open! This new exhibit covers the history and personality of the River Shannon from Limerick down to Loop Head. The river is a huge feature in the history and mythology of Ireland.

The museum deals with the character and geology of the Shannon as she flows down from Limerick:

  • The charts and maps of the river from the time of Ptolemy.
  • The geology, tides and weather of the Shannon.
  • The pilots who raced in their rowing boats to be the first to guide large sailing ships up the estuary.
  • The dock workers loading and unloading a vast range of cargo from ocean-going ships.
  • The “Spring-Rice Set” —the O’Briens, De Veres and Spring Rices, who owned large tracts of land on the shores of the river but who were actively concerned with the welfare of the less fortunate people around them.
  • The amazing record of ships on the river left to us by Murrogh O’Brien in the form of paintings and charts.
  • Different types of ships and boats used on the river.
  • The development of Foynes Port.
  • Navigation of the river including the many lighthouses that guided mariners up the river.
  • The tragic story of the Colleen Bawn.
  • The story of Transportation and emigration on the river.
  • Tait’s Factory that manufactured and exported uniforms to the American confederates during the Civil War.
  • Display with Met Maps and audio visual on weather conditions.
  • Story of the Windsor Castle Ghost Ship, sailed up the Shannon in 1843.
  • Audio Visual on life on the River Shannon.