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The Irish Coffee has traveled the world, and how it has been made has evolved as it passed from person to person. But today, you can make it as it originally intended to be made. Here is the recipe on how to make the original Irish Coffee.

img_irish4_1Step One
In your Foynes Irish Coffee Glass, place a teaspoon and fill with boiling water for five seconds.

Step 2Step Two
In this pre-warmed glass, put one teaspoon of brown sugar and a good measure of Irish Whiskey.

Step 3Step Three
Fill the glass to within 1cm of the brim with really hot, strong black coffee. Stir well to melt all the sugar.

Step 4Step Four
Then carefully pour lightly whipped cream over the back of a spoon so that it floats on top of the coffee.

Step 5Step Five
Do not stir after adding the cream, as the true flavour is obtained by drinking the hot coffee and Irish Whiskey through the cream.


Now, sit back, relax and enjoy, or as we say in Ireland, Slainte!