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Mission Statement

Foynes Aviation and Maritime Museum Ltd is a not-for-profit charitable institution dedicated to preserving and telling the story of the pioneering days of aviation and passenger travel across the North Atlantic; the story of the creation of Irish Coffee, and the rich maritime history of the River Shannon and the Port of Foynes.

The museum will continue to maintain and strengthen its collection by acquiring, holding in trust, interpreting and preserving; historically significant aeronautical and nautical objects; for exhibit, scholarly research and lifelong learning programmes, inspiring an interest in and understanding of the importance of the River Shannon, to the livelihoods and lives of those communities living beside one of Irelands great natural maritime assets.

The museum will continue to develop and maintain its maritime section encompassing the geology, trade and industry, shipping folklore, leisure and maritime heritage of the River Shannon, its local families and their influence on the development of Foynes and its inhabitants.

Fulfilment of the above mission will be accomplished by abiding to the following principles:

  • To provide creative, engaging and informative exhibits which guide visitors through the many unique and remarkable stories housed in the museum.
  • To develop, strengthen and sustain the museum’s role as an education organisation through exhibitions, targeted activities and other outreach programmes.
  • To provide a centre for community activities, celebrations and learning opportunities.
  • To promote greater public awareness of the existence, core product and services offered by the museum.
  • To provide specialist service for researchers and students by continually developing, documenting and promoting our archives.