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Meet Some VIP Passengers Who Flew into Foynes on Flying Boats

Meet Some VIP Passengers Who Flew into Foynes on Flying Boats

Passengers in transit to and from America frequently had long stopovers at Foynes for operational reasons, weather, or mechanical delays. Due to its prohibitive cost, it was usually the rich, famous, and powerful who were traveling aboard flying boats. 

Below is a list of just some of the VIPs who flew into Foynes as part of their transatlantic journeys. 


  • John Curtin, Prime Minister of Australia
  • Polish Prime Minister Mikolajczjk
  • Czechoslovakian Minister Jan Masaryk
  • New Zealand Prime Minister P. Frazer
  • Eleanor Roosevelt
  • Anthony Eden, Foreign and Dominions Secretary
  • Renowned economist John Maynard Keynes, also of the British Treasury
  • British Minister A. P. Herbert
  • Lord Louis Mountbatten
  • John F. Kennedy


  • Prince Ibn Saud of Saudi Arabia
  • Charlotte, Duchess of Luxembourg
  • Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands
  • King George of Greece
  • Olaf, Crown Prince of Norway
  • Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands

Artists and Entertainers 

  • Novelist Ernest Hemingway
  • Actor and director Douglas Fairbanks
  • Actor and comedian Bob Hope
  • Actor Merle Oberon
  • Actress Gracie Fields
  • Actor Bill Rogers
  • Actor Edward G. Robinson
  • Actor Humphrey Bogart
  • Musician Yehudi Menuhin

More Information 

Click through to learn more about some of the key flying boat airlines, a few major types of flying boats, and the pioneering pilots of these amazing machines.

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