Establishment of the Meteorological Services in Ireland (The Foynes Years 1936-1945)


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The founding of the Irish Meteorological Service in 1936 makes for a facinating story, one largely associated with the flying boat seabase era at Foynes. Sean Lemass, then Minister for Industry and Commerce, eager to establish Ireland’s place in civil aviation, was committed to providing the associated infrastructural supports – airports, communications and meteorological services. From the outsite, the births Authorities were helpful with the smooth transfer of the existing meteorological network to Irish control and provided the initial expertise at Foyens in1937 and 1938. The first provisional meteorologists recruited to the Irish Services comprised of univeristy grauduates of diverse backgrounds sourced in irealnd, Britain and “refugee” scientists from war-stricken continental Europe. These were supported by a well-educated assistant grade whose members in turn joined the Service with high expectations.


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